Align 9


Align 9 is the world’s only take-home clear aligner that is designed and utilized by orthodontic specialists. It is an invisible and removable aligner system that is worn for 22 hours of the day.

By eliminating most of the orthodontic visits, Align 9 significantly lowers the cost of orthodontic care and you don’t have to take your impressions! We’ll scan your teeth with our high-speed intraoral scanner!

It’s perfect for minor tooth movement and treating relapse due to lack of retainer wear. You’ll have straighter and whiter teeth in just months, as bleaching and retainers are included!

Plus, you will get to see a final digital rendering of your perfect smile before you begin! Insurance benefits may be applied, and if you choose to switch to full orthodontic care, the entire Align 9 fee of $1899 will be credited toward your treatment. 


align 9 appliance

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