Colorful Braces in Orlando & Winter Springs, FL

You’ve emBRACEd the idea that you’re going to have braces. In fact, now you want to have a little fun with them. You’ve heard that you can choose from several colors of braces. So how does the color get added and which color should you choose?

What Gives Braces Their Colors?

Braces involve many parts, including the brackets, archwires, metal bands (rings for back teeth) and elastics or bands made of rubber that go around each bracket.

It’s the tiny elastics (or bands) that allow you to colorize your mouth! Because these elastics get changed during your orthodontic visits every four to six weeks, you don’t have to settle for just one color through your entire treatment.

You can switch colors each visit! Dr. Battle will allow you to choose different colors of elastics for each tooth from a color wheel.

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