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Growth & Development Checks – Orlando, FL

A patient is placed in our Growth & Development program when he/she is not yet in need of orthodontic treatment. This does not mean that no orthodontic problems exist; it simply means that Dr. Battle has determined that now is not the optimal time to correct the problem(s).

Dr. Battle uses his knowledge in craniofacial and dentalfacial growth and development to determine the best time to initiate treatment on his patients. There are some orthodontic problems that should be corrected at a young age and others that can wait to be treated until the patient has lost all of his/her baby teeth. It is always our goal, and in the patient's best interest, to achieve the optimal result in the shortest period of time.

Dr. Battle will evaluate the patient every six months until it is the proper time for orthodontic therapy. As a courtesy, there is no fee for the Growth & Development appointments, exam, X-rays, or photographs.