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Your First Visit

We’re excited to see you in Waterford Lakes or Winter Springs/Oviedo!

Prepare for a modern treatment experience with Orlando’s leading digital orthodontist. Our goal is to help you achieve an exceptional smile with a treatment experience tailored just for you.

From digital smile impressions to digital check-in appointments, you can expect a modern, convenient treatment experience at Premiere Orthodontics.

What does my complimentary first visit include?

Your first visit to Dr. Battle won’t cost you a thing, and it includes:

  • Comprehensive orthodontic exam, including digital x-rays and diagnostic photos
  • One-on-one consultation with our award-winning orthodontist, Dr. Battle
  • Personalized treatment plan with a custom treatment that matches your personality
  • Cost and insurance review to create a convenient payment plan with no down payment 

Before you visit us for your consultation, you can fill out your new patient forms online for a quick check-in process.

Can I start treatment during my first visit?

Yes, we’re proud to be a Same Day Orthodontist in Orlando. If you’re ready to get started on your first visit, we are too!

Let us know that you’re interested in Same Day Braces and we’ll reserve time to start your treatment on the same day as your complimentary consultation. You can leave our office with braces on your teeth, or your custom braces/clear aligner scans complete. 

How to do it:

  1. Request your complimentary exam at one of our offices.
  2. When we reach out to you to schedule your appointment, let us know that you’re interested in a Same Day Start.
  3. Show up and let’s get started.

What to Expect

Meet the Premiere team

First, we’ll introduce you to our team and give you a tour of our office. We think you’ll love our office themes!

At our Waterford Lakes orthodontist office, you’ll get the Premiere movie experience. At our Winter Springs orthodontist office, you’ll coast in for a tropical treatment experience!

Get digital x-rays & photos

Our team will use the TRIOS digital scanner to take quick impressions of your teeth and bite. We use advanced digital scans to eliminate the need for putty and ensure a comfortable impression process for you.

The TRIOS device produces a precise digital scan for Dr. Battle to assess your smile, but it also creates a simulated preview of your final treatment results. You’ll get a sneak peek of what your new smile could look like, before you even begin treatment. 

We’ll take digital x-rays with our low-radiation digital x-ray machine. Dr. Battle will use these diagnostic photos, digital impression scans and x-rays to create your custom treatment plan.

Meet your orthodontist

We’ll take you to our consultation room, where you’ll meet your personal orthodontist! Dr. Battle will perform a detailed physical exam of your teeth and bite. 

Dr. Battle will discuss all of his findings with you, present you with our custom treatment options and help match you with the ideal treatment for your personality. 

We’ll answer all of your questions and tell you everything you need to know about your upcoming transformation with braces or Invisalign®.

Pick an affordable payment plan

While Dr. Battle is creating your custom treatment plan, our new patient coordinator will sit down with you and work out a financial plan that covers the cost of orthodontics

We’re proud to offer Triple Option Orthodontics (braces in front (traditional braces), braces in the back (lingual behind-the-teeth braces), or braces on the top (clear aligners)) all for the same price with no down payment. We don’t want finances to stop you from living your most confident life. 

We’ll discuss your needs, calculate your insurance benefit, and develop your custom payment plan.

Prepare for an incredible smile

With any of our custom treatment options, you can expect a stunning new smile at the end of treatment. If you choose a Same Day Start, we’ll place your braces or take custom scans on your very first visit.

Get your Premiere smile

Start living life with confidence.